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The finance and banking sector plays a vital role in the world’s
economy. For example, the world gross domestic product is valued at $79
trillion. (2017 figures, IMF), while the value of shares trading on stock
exchanges is $78.2 trillion, almost equaling the total amount of goods and
services provided around the world. These numbers demonstrate that the finance
and banking sector can exert substantial influence over the global economy,
including on aspects related to human rights.

Finance and banking institutions can contribute both directly and
indirectly to adverse human rights impacts. Examples of direct impacts include:
entire lending institutions denying customers access to finance based on race,
religion, or gender; a pension fund investing in a food and beverage company
that systematically buys produce from farms using child labour; the management
of assets belonging to a corporate or individual client involved in human
rights abuses; or investing in a company that buys or uses prospected minerals
in countries undergoing conflict. Financial instruments may also cause human
rights violations indirectly by lending money to agricultural companies
involved in land grabs and funding infrastructure projects that displace
indigenous populations


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Banking & Financial

  • Software Development
  • Banking and financial
  • applications created by our development team feature everything a powerful business
  • solution should have, including complex business logic, user-friendly
  • interface, and advanced level of security.

Banking & Financial
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Fintech product development by
Fortified results in end-to-end solutions that keep our clients’ services
up-to-date, providing them with the ability to take advantage of such
innovative technologies as machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big data,
etc. Acting as a FinTech software company, we carefully analyze the industry’s
bottlenecks and enhance our development process to deliver cutting-edge FinTech

Blockchain Solutions Development

Fortified development team has enough experience in
transforming our clients’ business ideas into powerful blockchain solutions.
Blockchain development by Fortified allows significantly improve business
operations in terms of safety, transparency, and conformity to modern-day trends and requirements. Our expertise covers both the development of blockchain-based solutions and the adaption of existing systems to the cryptography-based technology.



Banking and Finance Cloud Solution

  1. The Banking and Financial Services industry is experiencing a radical evolving business models, increasing regulation and compliance pressures, and new disruptive technologies. This has led to massive change in the competitive landscape in financial services, forcing traditional institutions to reconsider the way they do business. As data breaches become prevalent and privacy concerns intensify, regulatory and compliance requirements become more restrictive as a result. And, if all of that wasn’t enough, customer demands are evolving as consumers seek round-the-clock personalized service.
  2. To overcome these challenges, Banking and Financial Services industry need to embrace digital transformation if they wish to not only survive but succeed in the current landscape. Fortified Infotech is a partner whose strategy is to provide world class service driven by domain experts, emerging technology and consulting framework to enable our clients to achieve their business goals. Our clients look to us for transforming their business landscape by combining Design-Thinking principles and Lean methods coupled with RPA / Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Services, digital technologies, analytics, and deep domain expertise. Our proven track record is evident with our long-lasting relationships with 90% clients as Fortified Infotech believes in staying ahead in delivering exceptional services which are not only in current demand but also keeps Fortified Infotech and our clients ahead of the competition.
  3. We are a trusted partner for our Banking and Financial Services clients offering end-to-end solutions across the value chain using our Back-office (including KPOs activities), Contact Center (Multi lingual, multi modal interactions including Voice – Inbound/Outbound, chat, SMS, Web, E-mail and Fax) and Consulting expertise in Banking and Financial Services vertical.
  4. Fortified Infotech  team manages low, medium and high complex transactions processing along with business transformational services to their clients and supports following areas in BFS operations