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Custom software development

Custom software development

We are a full-stack custom software development company specialized in custom software solutions for all kind of industries and companies like Philips (TP Vision), Immoweb (Axel Springer), HP, INDII, Radial, Exbo, bpost,

Custom software development services

Web app development

Mobile app development


Technologies used in custom software development


ReactJS is a cross-platform software to build composable user interfaces. It is a first-rate path to build extensive, swift applications using JavaScript. React is easy to test and monitor. ReactJS allows us to build isomorphic and complex applications. ReactJS boosts productivity and performance.


AngularJs helps to build applications with reusable codes. It suits all the platforms of web and mobile. Further, it helps to build scalable applications at a greater speed. Angular ensures effortless web development. This type-script based framework by Google has faster testing, better debugging, and improved style binding.


NodeJs is used in building scalable network applications. It is mainly used to build non-blocking and event-driven servers. This open-source, cross-platform framework has a single programming language for server and client-side. The library enables faster execution of codes.

React Native

React Native framework is used to build cross-platform mobile applications. This is a part of the Javascript library. It has a single code base. The reusable codes suit different operating systems by comparison. One can build new applications and also modify the existing applications with React Native.


Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit. It is used to build natively combined applications. A single codebase can be used across mobile, web, and desktop. It allows us to layer the architecture and customize the application. With expressive and flexible UI it ensures faster and incredible results.


Ionic is a library of UI components, gestures, and tools. It helps to build fast and interactive mobile applications. Ionic has ready-made and reusable UI components, themes, and typography. Ionic has adaptive styles that make the application look and feel alike home across different platforms.

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