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Professional IT Security Consulting

We can help you enhance your IT security efficiency and increase your business value.


Real-Time Ransomware & Malware Protection

Intelligent threat assesment & highly skilled certified consultants help you reverse engineer the malware and carry out RootCause Analysis


Cyber Crime Investigations

Mobile Data Extraction, Sim Card Analysis, CDR Analysis,Cyber harassment Investigation, Unlock HDD / OS, OnDemand Services.

Security. Trust in Zero. Trust Protect your business with cybersecurity that knows no boundaries.


Cyber Security - Fortified Infotech is glad to be one of the highest-rated Cyber Security . We successfully provide high-end technical solutions to the real-world cyber threat that the company faces.

Fortified Infotech provides security service to defend and mitigate the most dangerous attacks making a highly secured environment for the organization. We will help you to reduce risk and embellish competitive advantage by protecting their information assets and providing a positive promise on administration.

Our Cyber Security Services is a full-service security consultancy with the mission of fixing the damaged part of your industry. We do them by helping the organizations understand their security risks and also how they can make the right decisions, improvements, and investments to remove them.

cyber security consultant services in India

Our Cyber Security Services in Bangalore has a wider and deep industry knowledge to identify the loops in the network & servers. After identifying the vulnerabilities, the Cyber Security Expert builds up a data security plan to migrate the cyber attack risks in the system preventing any kind of attack.

Our comprehensive security covers solutions like:

  • ✔ Continuous IT Security Audits, Internal and External Vulnerability Tests
  • ✔ Full Risk Assessment
  • ✔ Penetration Tests
  • ✔ Social Engineeringli>
  • ✔ End Point Protection
  • ✔ Web and Content Filtering
  • ✔ Email SPAM filtering, URL Filtering, Attachment Sandboxing and Data Loss Protection (DLP)
  • ✔ Wired And Wireless Network Security Standards, Protocols and Policy
  • ✔ Data and Voice Redundancy and Failover Solutions
  • ✔ Image and File-based Backups
  • ✔ Disaster Recovery
  • ✔ Dark Web Monitoring and Alerts

Network Penetration Testing is usually conducted in one of two possible scenarios:

Externally from the Internet

facing the customer network

Internally with

the customer network

Our Cyber Security service not only protects your system and information from the threads but it also gives various other benefits like:

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing not only protects your system and information from the threads but also increases productivity so that there is a minimal chance of the website to go down. Our VAPT team protects the client’s sensitive data and critical information which helps to gain confidence for both of us.

We helps their customer to manage their Information Security risk and our cyber security professionals dedicate to provide the highest quality of services to the customers. Our Cyber safety team has been serving clients across different industry verticals for many years. The Cyber Security  uncovers vulnerability in applications and minimizes the risks of the Network.

In the present era IT infrastructure is changing simultaneously based on business needs. It is found that these changes performed by different technical teams often leads to cyber attacks. It is therefore needed to have cyber network security services for every big or small company to save themselves from cyber attacks. So, if you want to make your enterprise to be safe then do opt for Achilles Resolute for availing the best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services 

Cybersecurity Offerings:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

We offer comprehensive services to design, enhance, implement, and automate GRC processes that include policy management, IT and operational risk management, compliance management, and third-party risk management. We also conduct independent assessments to establish compliance and risk posture for our clients.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Using cyber risk quantification processes and FAIR methodology, we help our clients to accurately quantify their risks in financial terms. We have certified FAIR analysts who use a step-by-step process to calculate Loss Event Frequency and Loss Magnitude of individual risk scenarios. We also have our own platform called Ejyle Cyber risk to automate cyber risk quantification to a great extent.

Cybersecurity Operations

We offer a robust set of end-to-end cybersecurity operational services that include vulnerability management, threat management, penetration testing, and incident response. Our certified cybersecurity engineers, onsite and offshore, help our clients to build and maintain rock-solid cybersecurity programs with continuous monitoring and improvement.


We meticulously create and maintain minimum baseline security standards (MBSS) based on the up-to-date specifications and manuals for IT and telecom infrastructure devices and components. We follow up with manufacturers and OEMs to ensure MBSSs we create and maintain are accurate, relevant, and follow the best practices.


Due to a major shift to DevOps, cloud, and containerization in recent years, managing security from design to runtime in an automated way through the principles of DevSecOps has become a major requirement for many of our clients. With our solid background in application development, application security testing, DevOps, GRC, and cybersecurity, we have been successfully building. implementing, and maintaining robust DevSecOps frameworks and automation solutions.


Information Security Architecture

We offer information security architecture service because we know how vital it is to establish the right processes, connectors, and integrations across different GRC and cybersecurity programs to ensure alignment with business strategy, consistency, efficiency, and ultimately a higher level of security. We are in a unique position to offer this service due to our deep and end-to-end expertise in enterprise architecture, GRC, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

Cyber Security Services


Fortified Networks is a one-stop shop for cyber security services. We provide cutting edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks. Advisory consultancy in compliance implementations and audits (ISO27001, HIPAA, PCIDSS) are a part of our offerings portfolio too.

vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for cloud, web, mobile, networks


Risk Assessment

IT network VAPT, or penetration testing, is an important task to be carried out by IT administrators.

Risk Management

With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipments, multiple security problems are introduced too.

Risk Solutions

Providing security strategies that cover all parts of complicated network is difficult task in network design.

Risk Compliance

Organizations need a robust framework to implement their information security management process.

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