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The Internet of Things is ground zero for a new phase of global transformation powered by technology innovation, generating significant economic opportunities and reshaping industries.


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Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry, for obvious reasons, puts a lot of focus on client safety, security, and privacy. Most cloud storage providers feature  compliance in order to ensure proper treatment of client information. Healthcare professionals are slowly beginning to utilize the cloud in order to store client data. Another trend in cloud healthcare is cloud-based diagnosis systems. These are tools that implement machine learning and predictive analytics to make medical diagnoses and recommend treatment options.

Finance industry


Companies in any vertical experience the financial advantages the cloud brings by eliminating or reducing the cost of server maintenance. For the financial industry itself, though, the cloud has a lot of tools to offer. Many banks and insurance firms have adopted SaaS programs to help them keep track of records and handle other back-office tasks. Capital markets implement cloud-powered AI and machine learning solutions to help them to design investment strategies and financial data management.

Education industry


Educational institutions can adopt cloud-based solutions to suit both their employees and their students. Faculty and IT departments can keep their student data private and secure thanks to cloud solutions maintaining compliance with several regulations. The cloud also fosters collaborative environments for students, as they can access the same application or service and interact with each other. Many of these collaborative programs are scalable, allowing an entire educational infrastructure to take advantage of it

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