VMware Cloud Foundation Data Services For DBaaS and Private AI

VMware Cloud Foundation is a full-stack private cloud platform designed to simplify management, enhance scalability, and maximize resource usage for modern data services like databases, object stores, streaming content delivery networks (CDN), warehouse caching applications (WCAs) and artificial intelligence workloads (genAI workloads). We offer this cloud software as a service through our extensive partner ecosystem of cloud service providers.

Simplify GenAI deployment and minimize costs with an RAG workflow vector database, deep learning VM images, intuitive automation tools and GPU monitoring capabilities.

Data Platforms

VMware Cloud Foundation is a software-defined platform designed to assist enterprises in creating and managing hybrid clouds. It enables organizations to run traditional workloads, cloud native container-based applications and AI technologies on one infrastructure without experiencing compatibility issues and maintaining a consistent operational experience.

Software-defined data centers (SDDC) offer data services, secure network fabric and management tools, along with standardization, scalability, agility and reliability in hybrid cloud environments – helping save costs through automating manual processes while increasing performance and optimizing for cost efficiency.

This solution integrates VMware vSphere with VMware NSX to create a unified SDDC for traditional enterprise apps as well as modern workloads such as DBaaS, ML and AI workloads. VMware vSAN’s purpose-built scale-out storage architecture offers high performance and availability for data services while VMware NSX combines security, scalability and agility into modern network infrastructure while capitalizing on VMware’s expertise in application networking.

VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA makes GenAI model deployment faster, simpler and less costly with pre-configured GPU solutions that are ready for use. The platform features easy deployment and reconfiguration through self-service templates; improved governance for GPU resources enables reduced TCO.

VMware and NVIDIA have joined forces to offer, on VMware Cloud Foundation, the first VMware-validated solution that simplifies deploying and configuring a GenAI model with NVIDIA GRID. This includes a vector database enabling RAG workflows and quick start automation wizard, preconfigured GPU VM, as well as privacy, security, data control with integrated security management features to provide an end-to-end solution.


VMware Cloud Foundation data services are integral components, used to power database, object store, cache streaming, and warehouse applications. The platform offers a uniform infrastructure management experience across multicloud environments for deployment, operation and security of multiple data services – which also support Gen AI workloads – along with updates to its data services manager and an integration with AlloyDB Omni.

These changes aim to give customers greater flexibility and control in their Gen AI workflows. IT teams can execute RAG workflows, fine-tune LLM models, conduct inference workloads and more from within their own data centers – all while remaining consistent with other VMware Cloud Foundation solutions including their entire range of databases.

VMware and NVIDIA have collaborated closely to engineer hardware and software capabilities that maximize enterprise Gen AI workload performance on VMware Cloud Foundation, such as virtualizing GPU resources, GPU cloning for rapid deployment/reconfiguration of AI/ML applications, load balancing to ensure minimal downtime and monitoring GPU resources to provide visibility into resource utilization through GPU monitoring.

So VMware customers can quickly implement an infrastructure platform to support Gen AI use cases across a broad array of use cases – such as increasing productivity for developers and data scientists, driving transformation across key business functions, and increasing economic impact.

VMware is expanding Aria Automation capabilities to offer a self-service experience for VMware Cloud Foundation with NVIDIA, enabling enterprises to rapidly deploy AI/ML workloads using preconfigured AI infrastructure building blocks and Kubernetes clusters. Aria Automation makes this possible while providing administrators with full control of infrastructure policies and ensuring compliance with security and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Aria Automation dynamically scales AI/ML infrastructure based on capacity demands. VMware Cloud uses both public and private content libraries, managed by VMware for deep learning VM images and Tanzu Kubernetes releases respectively, to achieve this aim. Furthermore, private content libraries are stored on VMware-hosted centralized repositories that are easily accessible worldwide.

Data Management

VMware Cloud Foundation software enables enterprises to effectively and safely manage, optimize and secure workloads including virtual machines (VMs), containers and AI technologies. It also offers secure self-service IT for developers and data scientists allowing organizations to increase productivity, transform their businesses and adopt GenAI applications faster than ever.

The platform enables a reliable, secure, and consistent application development and operation environment regardless of deployment model – multicloud, hybrid or on-premises. Customers may deploy infrastructure building blocks in any VMware-managed public or private cloud as well as run applications from either an edge location or multiple public clouds using any container technology.

At this week’s VMware Explore conference in Barcelona, the company revealed updates to their VMware Cloud Foundation data services manager which provide multicloud consistency and intrinsic security across different deployment models. These upgrades make the data services manager an efficient single management interface for deploying infrastructure across multiple clouds while providing transparency around resource usage by both developers and IT.

VMware Cloud Foundation now allows organizations to deploy GenAI applications and data quickly and cost effectively for meeting specific application requirements and performance needs. Furthermore, its full stack software-defined platform architecture integrates best of breed GPU resources, compute, storage and networking as well as advanced security and resilience features for dynamic workload scalability on demand.

VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA provides a fully automated, self-service experience for creating and running generative AI workloads. It includes a vector database which reduces the time taken to produce enterprise LLM outputs with RAG workflows; quick start automation wizard; unified management; GPU support for various inference use cases enabling virtualization and sharing infrastructure costs to be reduced as efficiency and costs reduce dramatically.

VMware also unveiled that they have extended their partnership with NVIDIA to offer a scalable GenAI platform with full stack software-defined architecture that is tailored for GPUs, designed to help organizations accelerate productivity while supporting applications including image recognition, object identification, speech processing, natural language generation, predictive analytics genomics and beyond.

Data Analytics

VMware Cloud Foundation Data Services for DBaaS and Private AI offers various analytics services to assist with monitoring, optimizing, and scaling databases and data-driven applications. These analytics services offer unified management for both your database and underlying infrastructure as well as visibility into performance, utilization, health status of all local and remote resources such as CPUs, memory, and networks – providing insights that help improve application and business results.

VMware Cloud Foundation’s analytics service gives a centralized view of all database instances with consistent schema across multicloud and hybrid environments, making informed decisions to manage and optimize performance while scaling out as workload demands dictate. Meanwhile, using VMware Aria Automation you can deploy and configure workload domains quickly with one click, customizing configurations to support specific use cases while decreasing TCO through optimized GPU resource utilization and overall increased performance and efficiency.

VMware Private AI with NVIDIA provides another key capability, enabling you to easily address privacy, security, compliance and cost challenges by deploying and running AI models near the source data in your own enterprise data center. This approach reduces the potential for sensitive data breaches while still reaping all the transformative advantages AI brings.

VMware Private AI makes it simple and cost-effective to deploy multiple NVIDIA AI microservices, including inference for running open Llama 2 models and vector databases that support RAG workflows. Deploying these systems is made even simpler thanks to a quick start automation wizard and reduced costs thanks to virtualization and sharing infrastructure resources such as GPUs, memory and networks – providing significant ROI for your AI/ML projects.

VMware Cloud Foundation Data Services provide enterprise-hardened PostgreSQL, MySQL and Google AlloyDB Omni (tech preview) databases with developer-friendly consumption, automated management, unified control and visibility – saving both time and complexity in managing multicloud and hybrid environments.

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