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Our mission is to Provide Solution for Health Care & Life Sciences through IT & ITES The life sciences and healthcare industry as the name suggests is an amalgamation of industries like hospital management, Pharmaceuticals, Health insurance companies, Donors, Manufacturer of Medical equipments etc.

How Health & Wellness has Become The Most Trusted

All healthcare organizations are committed to a shared mission – delivering high-quality personalized care to patients while maintaining efficiency and profitability. One way to achieve this is the adoption of cloud computing for the generation, consumption, storage, and sharing of healthcare data.

Moving critical healthcare data or infrastructure on the cloud helps healthcare providers optimize data management and process workflows, promote interoperability, and reduce operating costs. Not just better patient care experiences; Healthcare cloud computing solutions also promote patient education and engagement. Patients can make their own health decisions by accessing their medical records.

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Pharmaceuticals and life sciences practice provides guidance in such areas as ... product lifecycles; monitoring medicines; healthcare delivery; environmental ... medical technology developments, and pharmaceutical industry issues

Next Generation

We drive this innovation by combining our deep life sciences experience with next-generation technological capabilities to build software solutions


Artificial Intelligence which is defined as a technology that imparts human ... Taliun is a Health Care and Life Sciences focused data and software


This involves innovative orchestration of holistic and end-to-end offerings, including IoT, Digital, Analytics, Applications, and Cloud services. ... Advanced, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to generate meaningful insights that facilitate decision making.


We help global healthcare and life sciences enterprises to reimagine their business processes and deliver remarkable patient experiences. With strong industry ...


The healthcare & life sciences industries undergoing monumental ... The abundance of highly effective medical technologies has improved life expectancy by ... Conducting a life sciences industry

Population Health Strategies

Population health management or PHM means building a holistic approach to enhance patient health outcomes individually by focusing on patients’ complete group. The population health management strategies are created based on patient groups consisting of patients within a predetermined health system, a geographic region, those with a similar disease or ones sharing another defining characteristic. Moving towards evidence-based care and value-based models, population health strategies are preferred by healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to enhance the care quality and cost containment. Many health systems leverage population health management tools to apply population health strategies to chronic disease management with comprehensive data aggregation and analytics. The highly advanced population health analytics offer deep insights into the care gaps and help providers to fill those gaps with an actionable treatment plan for a specific patient or the whole group.

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    QA Services & Software Testing

    Our Testing Services address the needs of digital transformation-oriented testing. We assure efficient digital transformations by conducting all-inclusive testing across your enterprise. It encompasses web and mobile browsers, web portals, and desktop applications. We develope checklists, frameworks, processes, methodologies, and best practices that ensure effective and efficient validations of text, images, and videos of applications across devices. With the shift in the overall paradigm of digital services where customers are looking to move away from on-prem to cloud. QA/QE As a Service is the latest evolution in the software testing space.

    Health Care Managed Services

    We help our customers improve their IT foothold and reduce TCO with technical support, administrative maintenance, education, health checks, and critical period coverage. As opposed to traditional Managed Services which only focus on keeping the, “lights on” Jade Global’s Progressive Realization framework helps businesses to transform and rationalize their portfolio, thereby serving their stakeholders better. Explore how our core managed services offerings can improve your user experience and application resiliency so your business can focus on what really matters.

    Mobile Application & Integration Services

    Integrating new platform as a service (iPaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) initiatives with a mix of Cloud and on-premise applications can be daunting for internal teams to handle alone. Our team is experienced in cross-platform integration, from on-premise to Cloud or vice versa which is rapidly gaining traction in the market as a cloud-based delivery model. Customers can offload business activities to a service provider rather than using their employs as well as resources.

    Team Support

    Cloud ERP


    Data Sciences

    Portal Support

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